Jammin' in Shenzhen

Can we play together?
June 2018, I was chilling in Shenzhen, he was practicing in his shop I entered and asked him to join... And that's it!


Another Kind Of "Come Back To Africa"
I explained Zourakie Dembele I wanted to teach one of my rhythms to his team. He agreed.

Leon HOU - Dunun Player from Shenzhen

Before 2008 I played drums and ended up being part of a punk band. In March 2008 our singer took me to a park. Some people were playing djembe there. I liked it very much and, at the beginning, we just organized drum circles then later, we started to play traditional Mandingo music.
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3 Beats Inside Of The Wine Vat

For my grandson Kais EWANDE
Recorded inside of the the old wine vat at "Encre et Lumière".